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Rules and Recommendations 

The obligation to have the mouth and nose covered by a respirator or other protective device without an exhalation valve with a filtration efficiency of at least 94% (class FFP2 / KN 95) applies in all indoor areas of the workplace. You can only remove the respirator at the workplace if you are alone in the room (eg you have a separate office) or the distance between you and another person is at least 1.5 meters.

Employers must provide personal protective equipment to their employees.

Within the obligation of wearing a respirator or a face mask  in the workplace, some people may have an exemption. This includes health workers if it is necessary to perform the first aid (e.g. resuscitation), public transport drivers, judges, advocates, prosecutors, experts and interpreters during the trials, performers, hosts, news readers, and persons who work with heat within the 3rd and the 4th burden degree (glassmakers, metallurgist etc.).

Workplaces are one of the most common settings where people get infected by COVID-19. Please wear respirators that provide more effective protection than surgical or cloth masks and follow basic hygiene measures.

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