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Recommendations and Regulations

Obligation to cover your mouth and nose – especially with a face mask, a respirator or a scarf – needs to be followed while travelling via any public transport, including bus/tram stops, train platforms and waiting rooms.

Within the obligation of wearing a face mask in indoor areas, there is an exemption for children under the age of 3 and for people who cannot wear a face covering because of a serious mental illness or intellectual impairment. You also do not need to wear a face mask during the time required to eat or drink. If possible, please do not eat or drink while using public transport. By doing this, you will protect yourself and others.

The exemption also includes any public transport drivers who do not get directly in contact with other people, e.g. they operate in a separate compartment.

It is mandatory to wear a face mask while being at bus/tram stops or train platforms. It is also necessary to keep social distancing while being at bus/tram stops or train platforms because of an increased concentration of people. For that reason, please always wear your face masks while waiting for public transport or using public transport.

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