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Children's camps and recovery events

Rules and recommendations

Organizing children’s camps and so-called recovery events (in Czech “zotavovací akce” – a special term defined by Czech law) for children under 18 years is allowed.

A child is not required to be tested before the trip. Children are in general exempt from the obligation to comply with the O-N-T- system during a stay in accommodation facilities.

During the stay, children under 18 are exempted from the obligation to wear nose and mouth covering (surgical mask, respirator).

Please monitor your child concerning the demonstration of Covid-19 symptoms. In case of occurrence of any symptom, do not allow him/her to attend any mass event with respect to the risks of potential disease spreading.

Organizing a ski training course

Children under 12 years are not required to comply with the O-N-T system at all.

Children under 18 years enrolled in the ski training courses are not required to comply with the O-N-T system when using a cable car or ski lift

In case of courses shorter than 8 days, the participant (between 12 and 18 years) is asked to undergo PCR testing max 72 hours before the start of the course. In the case of courses over 8 days, PCR testing is required every 5th – 7th day of the course.

The organizer is obliged to check the validity of the O-N-T system via the “čTečka” application and issue the certificate for the purpose of collective ski pass purchase.