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Children's contact with their friends

Rules and recommendations

Meetings in public places are limited to 2 people. Keep a distance of at least 2 meters from other people. According to government regulations, close contacts with other persons must be limited to strictly necessary cases.

Of course, online platforms do not replace personal contact. Even so, an in-person meeting is not recommended, in case of necessary contact, choose outdoor areas and wear face masks. You can learn more about the meeting and relevant current measures in the Meetings, parties, family celebrations section.

Try to make up for the time spent with your friend through the online environment. Help them organize a phone call, play an online game together, or have a text message conversation.

The current situation represents a huge strain on the psyche of all of us. Even children perceive this stress very strongly. Especially if they are separated from their friends, grandparents, and torn from their environment such as school. If your child is suffering from mental health problems due to isolation, fear of illness, or stress from current developments, we recommend reviewing the Stress and handling impacts of the pandemic section.