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Child's illness

This Life Situation is archived. The text below may not be up to date.


If your child develops Covide-19 symptoms, contact your pediatrician.

In most cases, children are asymptomatic or have a very mild course of the disease. Your child's general practitioner will advise you on how to alleviate any symptoms of coronavirus.

Make sure the baby rests and drinks plenty of fluids. Continue the rest of the treatment and alleviate the symptoms as instructed by your doctor.

One of the first symptoms in children may be the so-called "covid fingers", which are red and swollen. Read more here.

Wait for the instructions of the Regional Hygiene Station and continue according to its instructions.

If a member of the household, in this case, a child, is quarantined, others need to be isolated. More information on this situation can be found in the A household member is positive section.

If your situation allows, place the child who has been infected in a separate room. This will reduce the risk of the disease spreading to your home.

  • Treat the infected person with mouth and nose protection.
  • Wash your hands and laundry often.
  • Contact limit.
  • Dine in a separate area.
  • Try not to use the same objects.
  • Monitor your health.