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Rules and recommendations

The operation of public playgrounds lies presently within the competence of the municipality. Thus, some playgrounds may be closed. 

However, if you are on an open playground, it is necessary to comply with all government measures to minimize spreading the disease. 

Currently, every individual over 15 is obliged to wear at least a surgical face mask when in a village or town. This also applies to playgrounds. Our recommendation is to provide a nose and mouth covering also for the children.

Also, keep a distance of 2 meters from other people and do not associate. Try to make sure that children behave within the framework of these recommendations.

Do not enter the field of play if it is already so busy that it would not be possible to keep distances from other people. In this case, consider the security of the area and the risk of infection.

Try to limit the length of your stay on the field so that people do not accumulate in the place, but rather take turns.

We recommend that both child and you thoroughly disinfect their hands after visiting the playground.