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Playgrounds and children’s corners



Rules and recommendations


A municipality is a relevant authority in charge of opening/closing a playground. Therefore, some playgrounds may be closed while the others are open.

It is vital to retain hygiene measures and recommendations to minimize the disease spreading on a playground.

Nose and mouth covering is not mandatory on playgrounds but strongly recommended.

It is also recommended to retain at least 1.5-meter spacing and avoid gathering. Please instruct the children in line with these recommendations.

If a playground is on the edge of its capacity to the scope when spacing is impossible to retain, please postpone your visit.

Please try to limit your visit to avoid gathering of people. By limiting your visit, you allow other families to stay in an uncrowded playground.

Hand disinfection is strongly recommended after a playground visit.


Children’s corners

The operation of children’s corners, tutoring, and other leisure-time or educative activities for children is allowed and subjected to the following set of measures:

  • Capacity (both outdoor and indoor) is limited to 100 individuals
  • When entering a facility, you can be asked to identify yourself and provide contact information for a purpose of tracing (if necessary)
  • Visit while displaying Covid-19 symptoms is prohibited
  • If the number of participants exceeds 20 (children under 20 excluded), it is required to comply with O-N-(T) system. The organizer has the right to control complying with the system and exclude the individual in case of non-compliance.
  • O-N-(T) system authentication is not required when participants (together with teacher or supervisor) come from one school or any other homogenous group carrying out activities on a regular basis
  • In case of visit exceeding one day, the above-mentioned measures should be proved/controlled on a weekly basis
  • In case of a positive test result, the organizer has the right to separate the positive tested individual from the rest of the group. Adult participants have to leave the facility/event. In case of children, the legal guardian will be informed to pick up the child.