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Partners of Czechs and EU citizens living in the CZ


The rules of entry and return to the Czech Republic for citizens and residents of the Czech Republic also apply to family members (spouses, registered partners, spouse) of Czech and EU+ citizens who are holders of a temporary residence permit in the EU+ (need to provide proof of family relationship, e.g. marriage certificate, proof of registered partnership). You can find them clearly in the scheme (only in Czech) of the Ministry of the Interior. 

Anyone who crosses the border to/from a neighboring country at least once a week to visit his/her spouse, a registered partner who works or studies there does not have to comply with the rules for entering the Czech Republic.

The restriction on entry into the Czech Republic of citizens of third countries that are not on the list of countries with a low risk of infection does not apply to foreigners who are family members (spouses, registered partners, partners) of Czech citizens or EU citizens residing in the Czech Republic. The ban also does not apply to foreigners who are in a partnership with a Czech citizen or an EU citizen with a temporary residence of more than 90 days in the Czech Republic (they must have a permanent partnership relationship based primarily on cohabitation). These foreigners may enter the Czech Republic on the basis of a certificate issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the same time, they must undergo an appropriate test before traveling to the Czech Republic. You can find out what kind of test it is in the Possibilities and Obligations of Foreigners Entering the Czech Republic. If a person can enter the Czech Republic in accordance with all the measures may travel with an underage child. This child can also enter the Czech Republic if he/she meets all the conditions (for example, a child under the age of 6 is exempt from all the measures, for more information see Possibilities and Obligations of Foreigners Entering the Czech Republic).

For more information on confirming your partnership, please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs websites (only in Czech). Additional information regarding the entrance to the Czech Republic can be found on the Ministry of Interior websites.

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