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Rules and Recommendations

The government's measures restricted the right of the people peaceably to assemble.

If you want to demonstrate or to organize a demonstration, it is necessary to retain small clusters of at most 20 people and keep the distance at least 2 meters between the clusters. All participants of the demonstration must wear a face mask or other respiratory protection. For indoor demonstrations the safe distance is 1.5 meters (except for participants sharing a household).

During any demonstration, an obligation to let a respirator or other personal protection equipment article put on applies. Only PPE articles without exhalation valve and with at least 94% filtering ability (FFP2/KN95 class) are considered sufficient. You may take it off only if there is nobody within a 1.5-meter radius around you (except for your household members). Since it barely might be assumed that a person attending a gathering will be able to maintain the 1.5-meter safe distance uninterrupted during his/her entire stay at the gathering, you should, however, rather let your PPE put on anyway - by doing so, you protect not only yourself but those around you as well.

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