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Dangerous vaccines and foreign soldiers in the Czech Republic

Dangerous vaccines and testing


Excerpt: "According to Prymula, the first batch of the vaccine could be finished at the end of this year. The fact that he has a great interest in vaccinating the Czech population is also shown by Prymula's statement from October 8th for the server: 'Vaccinated people will not have to wear face masks and will have a number of other bonuses, so I think the interest in vaccination will be quite high. "According to the director of Novavax Erck and the Prime Minister Babiš, in return for producing the vaccine in the Czech Republic and enabling a clinical study on our population, the Czech Republic will receive the vaccine as a priority."


Conspiracy theories about forced or widespread vaccination in relation to the coronavirus are very often associated with disinformation narratives about "secret elite intentions and vaccination as a means of establishing totalitarian world domination. "It mainly benefits from the irrational belief of some people that vaccines are not only ineffective but even dangerous. Such (dis) information is currently pointless and its main purpose is to provoke fear, distrust, and panic.

The vaccine must undergo several clinical trials before being placed on the market to rule out any unwanted effects and the presence of unwanted substances. Only after their removal and the successful completion of all tests is it possible to release the vaccine to the market.

Vaccines in the Czech Republic will only be tested on volunteers who will be under observation and paid for the testing. This is common practice in the clinical trials of all vaccines.

Foreign soldiers in the Czech Republic


"Under the pretext of the coronavirus, the US is moving huge numbers of soldiers, planes and tanks to Europe. We are on the brink of war, says the expert. The United States has never occupied Europe with such a strong army as it is doing now. The presence of American doctors in the Czech Republic is a preparation for the invasion of American troops into the Czech Republic."


In fact, it is a NATO exercise that was announced in advance.

The Czech government has agreed to the stay of military medics of NATO and EU member states for up to 300 people for a period of 90 days, in order to manage the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, former Minister of Health Roman Prymula said that a team of 28 National Guard doctors from the US states of Nebraska and Texas would arrive in the Czech Republic. According to the Minister of Defense Lubomír Metnar, this is purely medical aid, so they will serve without weapons and under the supervision of Czech medics. The stay of all soldiers first must be approved by both chambers of Parliament.