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The government is watching your phones

The government is watching your phones


“The government is monitoring the ban on free movement and gathering through mobile operators.”


This hoax is connected to the creation of the “Smart quarantine”. As a part of this, it was possible to install two applications- eRouška and If you agreed the hygienics was able to find people you came into contact with and where you were. This option completely disappeared in the eRouška 2.0 version, which is now completely anonymous.

Another way to help with tracing is to provide the data from your phone from the last 5 days to create a so-called memory map, which will help the infected person better determine their contacts that they met with and remember where they were. This information cannot be accessed without your consent.

Any monitoring of citizens without them being directly aware of it is impossible. The mobile operator can only share this information with the security forces upon your request.

Sources (in Czech)

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