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A nanochip being placed while testing


“While being tested a nanochip is placed inside the person being tested.”

The whole content (in Czech). 


The picture that usually accompanies this hoax is actually a microchip that has the whole Bible saved on it. This article was published in 2009.

Explanation of the whole hoax (in Czech).

Article from 2009.

Explanation of how the sample for testing is taken.

The testing sets contain vaccines and damage the brain membrane.


“The meaning of the vaccine is allegedly to gain control over people through the vaccination or to infect people with Covid-19 through the vaccine. Another problem of the test is allegedly that it damages the membrane of the brain.”

This hoax has been spread in many different forms across social media, mainly in misinformation groups.


Similar hoaxes have been appearing since spring not only in the Czech republic, but across the whole world. According to experts this is an absolutely nonsensical claim. Being tested can in no possible way damage the blood-brain barrier. Tests from the nasopharynx have been conducted for decades and it is not something new connected to the new coronavirus. It is also nonsense that anything would be placed in the nasopharynx using the testing kit, as they are sterile.

An explanation of the whole hoax (in Czech). Another explanation (in Czech).

Other similar hoaxes (in Czech).

Fake numbers from testing places


“There are 138 testing places in the Czech republic, each of them does 4-6 tests in an hour. In 8 hours that's a maximum of 46 tests in a day, multiply that by 138 and you get 6624 tests per day. And now a question, where do these 33 000 daily tests come from?”


There are a lot of factual mistakes in this statement.

There are currently over 170 testing places in the Czech republic and new ones are being added. The complete list of testing places can be found on the website of the Ministry of Education.

Another mistake is that they only complete 4-6 tests in a day. It is possible to book a spot in advance in most places and they can manage tens of tests in an hour. If we say that they do 30 tests in an hour (one every two minutes) and multiply that by the 170 testing sites, the result is 40 800 daily tests, which is approximately the capacity of testing places in Czech republic.

Explanation of the whole hoax (in Czech).