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Health and spa resorts

Rules and recommendations

Spa treatment rehabilitation care is provided only if it is at least partially reimbursed from the public health insurance except for patients who have undergone a laboratory-confirmed covid-19, even if they are self-payers. It is not allowed to provide wellness and recreational stays.

The spa rehabilitation care can only be provided to a citizen of the Czech Republic, a citizen of the European Union or holder of a valid long-term visa or long-term, temporary or permanent residence permit for the Czech Republic, issued by the Czech Republic. 

All patients must prove that

  • a negative RT-PCR test no more than 7 days old, 

  • a negative POC (antigen) test no more than 72 hours old (can be proven by employer's self-test certificate or with sworn statement),

  • laboratory-confirmed covid-19 disease within 180 days prior to the date of the event,

  • administration of at least the first dose of covid-19 vaccine, with at least 22 days have elapsed since that dose, and at least 14 days have elapsed since that dose in the case of a single-dose vaccine,

  • or undergo an on-site POC (antigen) test with negative results.

In addition, patients who are tested on arrival must undergo an RT-PCR or POC antigen test for covid-19 at least once every 7 days during their stay in the spa.

People can be accommodated in the room one at a time, except for members of the same household.

If you are going to have a spa stay, follow the increased hygienic measures and wear a respirator in the common areas. You do not need a respirator in the spa pools and saunas.

Other serious diseases and medical care cannot be neglected due to covid-19. If your doctor prescribes a spa and does not have coronavirus symptoms, you can visit a spa/health care centre.

The more considerate you are to other spa guests and staff, the safer the spa will be for everyone while adhering to basic hygiene measures.



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