The translations of changes on PES 5 are in progress.

accessibilityProviding of social services

Rules and Recommendation 

Social services provided on the basis of a contract between the facility and the client do not have to be provided in full scale during the emergency (in accordance with the contract). The social service provider must inform his client about this temporary restriction.

However, services must always be provided to ensure the protection of life and health (eg services for nursing homes, shelters, dormitories for the homeless, etc.).

In justified cases, social service providers may also perform such necessary activities for which they are not otherwise registered.

When providing services in the field (or at the client's place of residence), everyone present must have wear a protective nose and mouth device, ie a respirator, veil, or scarf.

Clients or those interested in providing social services are obliged to inform social service providers:

  • that they may have met a person infected with covid-19. 
  • that they observed any of the symptoms of covid-19.