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Rules and recommendations

How to make a disinfectant gel?

You can usually get the ingredients in a pharmacy or drugstore. They are exempt from the ban on shops being open.

What you need:

  • pure alcohol, i.e. 96% ethanol or 99.8% isopropyl alcohol (you can buy it in a drugstore or paint and varnish shop)
  • 3% hydrogen peroxide (which you can buy in a pharmacy)
  • 98% glycerol (also called glycerin; available in a pharmacy)
  • sterilised or boiled water (you can prepare it at home)
  • a clean and sterilised container with a lid
  • a measuring cup, a syringe (it will make your work easier, but you can do it without it)


Prepare 833 ml of alcohol (or 752 ml of isopropyl alcohol) and pour it into a container with a capacity of at least one litre. Slowly mix in 42 ml of hydrogen peroxide and stir it well. Then add 15 ml of glycerol- it is better to use a syringe for this, as it has a very thick consistency, and without the syringe, it is hard to measure the dosage. Then add boiled water so the level reaches 1l, close the container and shake it well. At this point, you can pour it into smaller containers that you can carry it with you. The final product should sit for three days, but if it is necessary, you can use it straight away as it works immediately.


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