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homeHousehold (shopping, repairs etc.)

Rules and recommendations


For details on how stores work, please see Shops and Services > Retail.


For details on the operation of services and repairs, please see Shops and Services > Repairs and Services.


Craftspeople can still visit and work in households. However, please try to use their services only when necessary. You should postpone minor repairs.

During their visit, it is necessary to follow hygienic measures. Everyone present should wear a face mask and keep a distance from each other.

Use your own pen for signing, and if possible, prefer non-cash payment (transfers, card payments, etc.). Cash circulates in the hands of a vast number of people every day. By choosing contactless payments, you can help reduce the risk of infection.

If someone from your household is in quarantine or isolation, it is necessary to cancel the visit of a craftsman. In the event of an emergency where the repair cannot be postponed, you must inform the craftsman about the presence of infected person prior to the visit. Infected person should not meet the craftsman under any circumstances.