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Infected household member


If someone from your household has been tested positive, try to designate a separate room for him or her if possible. If designating a separate room for such a person is not possible, please retain at least one meter spacing between the bends and regular ventilation in a bedroom.

For positively tested persons, the rules of self-isolation apply.

Other household members will receive a text message referring to the Life Situation: I was identified as a risky contact.

To minimize the risk of disease spreading within the household, an infected household member is recommended to stay in a common room with proper nose and mouth covering (respirator, surgical mask). An infected individual should use the bathroom as the last one, use their own towel, and disinfect the bathroom afterward. Regular disinfection of things of daily usage is recommended as well (door handle, tv controller, etc.). Garbage management is a must – contaminated garbage must be treated separately (used face masks, respirators, disposable gloves, etc.). Detailed instructions can be found on the Ministry of Environment websites.