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Rules and recommendations

Animals and COVID-19

There are rare cases where pets had been infected by COVID -19. So far, we have limited information about the effects of this disease on animals, so treat your pet like any other member of the household. If there is an infected person in your house, reduce the contact between the infected and the animal to a minimum.

Remember, that virus can be transmitted on the animal's fur, so wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly before and after contact with the animal. Do not let strangers stroke your pet.

Visits to the vet

Before the visit, always call the veterinarian and consult with him whether your appointment is necessary. Stay in the waiting room only for the inevitable time and keep a two-meters distance from other people in the room. Wearing a face mask is a must. Try to avoid touching objects that had been touched by people before you, such as handles or railings.

Always inform your veterinarian if you think you have met an infected or quarantined person!

Walking the dog in isolation or quarantine

If you are in a quarantine of self-isolation, you can ask someone from your relatives/close persons to help you with walking the dog during your quarantine/self-isolation. Animal hand-over should be in compliance with all the hygienic measures – mouth and nose covering (ideally respirator without an exhalation vent), gloves, and hand disinfection.

Walking the dog during your self-isolation is possible only in case you do have no one to help you with that. In such a situation, please limit the time to spend outdoor to a minimum and avoid places where people usually gather. Wearing a respirator without an exhalation valve is a must in that case.

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