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Desinfection of personal belongings

This Life Situation is archived. The text below may not be up to date.

Do I need to sanitize my personal belongings?

Cleaning and disinfecting of subjects that are used by more than one person are part of a broad approach to preventing the spread of coronavirus. Please pay special attention to disinfecting if a member of your family is infected.

Prevention measures also include regular disinfection of any often used subjects, such as your mobile/smartphone which is also used while being at work, in the shop, while traveling via public transport, and whenever your hands are not clean. Please use cashless payments when possible.

Information on how to sanitize textiles, food or small subjects (in Czech).

If the infected person touches any subjects that cannot be sanitized, these should be placed into quarantine and should not be used by any other person for at least 4 days. E.g. books, files, etc.