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Hand sanitizer

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Recommendations and Regulations

How to make hand sanitizer?

You should be able to buy these ingredients in pharmacies or drugstores.

You will need: - alcohol – 96% ethanol or 99,8% isopropylalcohol (in drugstores or paint shops) - 3% hydrogen peroxide (in pharmacies) - 98% glycerol (also known as glycerine; in pharmacies) - sterile or cool boiled water (you can make this at home) - clean, cool and sterilized closable container - measuring cup, a syringe (it will make the process easier, however, it is possible to proceed without it).

Method: In an (at least) 1l container add 833ml of alcohol. Slowly mix in 42ml of hydrogen peroxide, mix thoroughly. After this, add 15ml of glycerol – for this step, it is better to use a syringe, glycerol is a liquid with a very thick consistency, and it is difficult to measure an accurate amount of it without using the syringe. Add cool boiled water so that the volume adds up to 1l. Close the container and mix thoroughly. After this step, you can move the liquid into smaller travel-sized bottles. You should let this solution stand for three days, however, it can be used straight away with immediate effect if needed.