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Hand washing

Recommendations and Regulations

There is a leaflet with instructions on how to wash your hands correctly. You can print it out and place it on the wall in your bathroom. Hand hygiene is essential, and it needs to be done correctly. Therefore, it could be helpful for you to have these instructions somewhere so that everyone can see them and follow them.

It is also important to regularly disinfect your mobile/smartphone, PC/laptop, or other electronic devices that you use or touch often.

When is it appropriate to wash your hands?

Wash your hands regularly, several times a day. For your inspiration, please see below some daily scenarios after which it would be appropriate to wash your hands:

  • after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing
  • after a doctor appointment or any other appointment at medical facilities
  • each time you come back home
  • after handling any cash
  • after using public transport
  • after using a shopping trolley or a basket
  • before and after preparing, and also eating your food
  • after using the bathroom
  • after taking your bins out
  • before and after taking care of a baby and after changing a baby's nappy

Despite the firm preference for hand disinfection, washing hands with regular soap and wiping hands with a disposable paper towel is now recommended. If it is not possible to use soap and water, it is recommended to use a regular alcohol disinfectant. Watch out for the expiry date of the disinfectant.