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Means of transport

Recommendations and Regulations

When travelling on public transport, it is vital to continue to protect yourself and others - always considerate of the vulnerable.

Essential protection is to maintain spacing between individuals and avoid large groups of people, both in the vehicle and when waiting for it. It is advisable to use the entire platform area when waiting for transport and not to congregate in one place with a large group of people. 

It is still recommended to maintain reasonable spacing. Both before boarding and when seated, if possible. Do not touch surfaces unnecessarily, especially handrails and bars, as many people have touched them before you. We recommend that in the means of transport, if possible, and the means of transport is not air-conditioned, open the windows.

There are frequent changes of large numbers of people in public transport, so please take extra hygiene precautions. If possible, avoid travelling by public transport and walk to work or shopping, for example. You will get some fresh air and avoid a significant risk of infection.

If it is necessary to use public transport, it is advisable to evaluate whether it is necessary to choose a crowded means of transport or to wait for the next available connection.