The translations of changes on PES 5 are in progress.

directions_busMeans of transport

Recommendations and Regulations

It is essential to protect yourself and others while using public transport.

The obligation to wear a face mask needs to be followed while travelling via any public transport, including bus/tram stops, train platforms and waiting rooms. Please keep your mouth and nose covered before arriving into these waiting areas.

Please keep social distancing. You should social distance before you get on public transport, and also while travelling via public transport if possible. If not necessary, please do not touch any surfaces inside public transport (especially handles or rails) as many people will have touched these areas before. For extra protection, you can use gloves – disposable gloves (rubber or plastic gloves), and also textile gloves (we recommend to wash these after arriving home).

While travelling via public transport, there is a large turnover of people. Therefore please use enhanced hygiene measures. If possible, avoid travelling via public transport, e.g. walk to your workplace or to the shop. You will get some fresh air, and you will also reduce the risk of infection.