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Room desinfection

This Life Situation is archived. The text below may not be up to date.

Recommendations and Regulations

Please disinfect any surfaces you often use or touch. There is a risk of picking up a virus from a contaminated surface if you touch e.g. your face afterward.

Please pay special attention to disinfecting if a member of your family is infected.

It is recommended to sanitize your bathroom and your toilet after each use. Recommended cleaning products

If the infected person cannot use his/her own kitchen, you do not have to cook only pancakes or other food that could be easily slipped or slid under the door. Please leave any prepared meal by the infected person's door and leave the area so that the infected person can safely collect the food. After finishing the meal, the infected person would leave any disinfected dishes including the cutlery by the door for you to collect.

It is quite likely that a member of your household will need to stay in isolation/quarantine. Therefore, cleaning may become one of your main entertainment. Please keep it up, it is worth it. By doing this, you protect yourself and others.

Detailed information on how to disinfect your home correctly

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