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Infection and general measures

Can coronavirus survive on surfaces?

For how long can coronavirus survive on surfaces

Contact with an infected person

A risky encounter means that a healthy person met with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

Coronavirus mutations

Information about the new coronavirus mutations.


Pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals- especially vitamins C, D, E, zinc, and selenium (always follow recommended daily doses).

Difference between RT-PCR test, Rapid antigen test and antibody test

RT-PCR looks for viral RNA, Rapid antigen test for viral protein, antibody test for antibodies again the virus.

eRouška / eFaceMask

The eRouška (meaning eFaceMask) application was created by the “Smart Quarantine” team as one of the tools to get the COVID-19 illness under control and prevent community spread.

How does tracing work?

The goal of tracing is to quickly identify potentially infected people, quarantine them and protect the public.

How to get tested?

How to make a reservation for COVID-19 testing.

How to transport yourself to the testing?

Ideally, use your car. Try not to use public transport.

I recovered from COVID-19

No one knows exactly how long you are immune for after recovering from COVID-19. Experts have agreed that it is at least 90 days.

I tested positive

What awaits you if you tested positive for Covid

I was identified as a risky contact

What you can await if you have been in a risky contact with an infected person.

Information for people with chronic conditions

The same general recommendations apply to chronic patients as they do to the general public. It is necessary to adhere to basic rules of hygiene.


You spend time in home isolation if you have been confirmed as COVID-19 positive.

Loosening of Restrictions: Packages

The scenario of the loosening of restrictions is divided into six packages.

O-N-T system: (Vaccination - Past disease - Test)

A summary of what you need to prove when entering, for example, a service establishment, spa, restaurant, swimming pool, etc.

Pandemic Act

With the effectiveness of the Pandemic Act, the Czech Republic enters a state of pandemic alert.


Penalties for violating extraordinary measures

PES – anti-epidemic system of the Czech Republic (version 2.0/2021)

The goal of the anti-epidemic system of the Czech Republic (PES) to increase the readability and predictability of the current epidemiological situation.

Purpose of the measures

The purpose of the governmental measures is to reduce the reproductive number of COVID-19 to such an extent, that the health care system of the Czech Republic can manage the epidemic.


You need to quarantine if you have been in high-risk exposure with a person who has been tested positive for coronavirus.


If the result of your test is positive, then the text message will also include the code. You use that to gain access to the self-reporting form.

State of Emergency

The state of emergency is one of the extraordinary measures of the Constitutional Act on the Security of the Czech Republic.

Statistical data

Detailed overview of the data and analyses.


What are the symptoms of COVID-19?


If you have COVID-19, you should stay in isolation, rest in bed, drink enough liquids, and contact your general practitioner.

What does the R value mean?

The baseline R number for SARS-CoV-2 in a population without any restrictions is around 3. 

When to seek medical attention

Description of symptoms inducing medical attention.

Where will the test results be sent?

The results of the RT-PCR test will be sent to the e-mail address you provided or to your telephone as a text message within 48 hours at the latest.

Why to follow preventive measures against Covid-19?

Sometimes we may forget why we do all of this. But other people now rely on us and our responsibility.