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Contact with an infected person

Risky encounter

risky encounter means that a healthy person met with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

Signs of a risky encounter

Contact with a distance of less than 2 meters, where one of the parties does not have proper respiratory protection (only a disposable mask or a respirator are considered proper protection) (a cloth mask or a scarf are not considered proper protection)

When properly protecting the respiratory tract, a contact at a distance of less than 2 meters is not considered risky.

In the event of suspected contact with a new variant of SARS-COV-2 (British, South African, Brazilia, etc.), the situation will be assessed individually by epidemiologists, regardless of the protective equipment used.


Such contact happened. What's next?

If you have been in close contact with an infected person, you need to quarantine.

You do not need to quarantine after a risky contact with an infected person if you have been vaccinated against Covid-19 (If you have received a two dose vaccine, you must have a min. 14 days after the second dose. If you have received a single dose of vaccine, you will be considered vaccinated 14 days after this dose.) and within 14 days of at risk contact, you do not show any symptoms of the disease. You also do not need to quarantine if you do not have symptoms of the disease and you have had a positive test result in the past 180 days and have passed the ordered isolation.

Do not wait for the regional hygiene station to call you. Please go into voluntary quarantine. If you were infected this will prevent further transmissions of the disease. Inform your GP about the risky encounter by phone. They will give you a request form for an RT-PCR test on COVID-19.

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