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How does tracing work?

The goal of tracing

The goal of tracing is to quickly identify potentially infected people, quarantine them, and protect the public.


If you are infected with COVID-19, contact the people who you could have potentially infected.

I want to self-trace, but from when?

I am asymptomatic: All epidemiologically significant contacts from 5 days up to 1 week before the date of receiving the COVID -19 positive PCR test.

I have symptoms of COVID -19: All epidemiologically significant contacts for 2 days before the onset of the first symptoms until the date of receiving a positive PCR test.

Self-tracing form

After receiving the results of the positive test, you will also receive a link to the self-reporting form to your telephone number, where you can fill in the tracing data. Self-tracing forms are processed as a priority by the Regional Health Authority (KHS or Krajská hygienická stanice in Czech).

Call from the Health Authority or tracing center

An employee of the health Authority or tracing center will call you and ask for your tracing information (prepare it in advance).

Prepare the following data for tracing:

  • name and surname of the contact
  • their telephone number
  • the day of the last contact with this person (if you are in the same household, the day of the last contact is the day of the positive PCR test).

Due to the amount of work, the hygiene station may contact you a few days after taking a positive test, so it is best to fill out a self-tracing form or call and inform your contacts yourself.