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How to transport yourself to the testing?

How to get to the test?

Ideally, use your car or walk (if within a walking distance)

If that is not an option for you, try asking someone close to you to take you there.  Employees from one organisation/workplace who have been in a contact with a person who has a covid 19, can travel together to a test centre. You can also travel with someone who has recently suffered from coronavirus, as they should have antibodies. Follow increased hygiene rules.For example, someone who has recently had a COVID-19, as they should have antibodies. Please, follow the increased hygiene rules. Sit back, take the respirator without the exhalation valve, speak minimally along the way. You can also wear gloves.

Do not use public transport. There is a vast chance that you may be infectious, and you would endanger other people. It is far better to order a large taxi - pickup. In that case, sit back, take a respirator, and avoid talking.

In extreme situations, you can also use mobile sampling teams (check with your doctor). However, there are very few mobile sampling teams at the moment, so please use this option only if it is the last option you have.

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