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I tested positive

If you have tested positive for coronavirus with an antigenic test, you will find out the result on the spot and you will be advised on how to proceed. In case of a positive result of the antigen test, you are sent for a control PCR test (immediately on site) and it depends on its result. From 1.7. every positive RT-PCR test is subjected to a discriminant test to detect the occurrence of coronavirus mutations. You can read more details in Interpreting the antigen test result.

However, if you have been sent for a test by the hygiene or a general practitioner, you will be tested by a the PCR test right away. You will receive the PCR test usually in 24-48 hours.

In case of a positive PCR test result, you will receive three text messages. The laboratory informs you about the test result via a text message, then you will receive information on self-tracing and the verification code of the eRouška application. The tracing center will then contact you by phone.

Prepare a list of your high-risk contacts. These are people you have met at a distance of less than 2 meters and one or both sides were without adequate respiratory protection (only a disposable mask or respirator is considered adequate protection, not a cloth mask, scarf or shawl). If both parties have adequate respiratory protection, contact at a distance of less than 2 meters is not considered risky. If you suspect infection with a new variant of the SARS-Cov-2 virus (British, South African, Brazilian, etc.), your situation will be assessed individually by the epidemiologist, regardless of the protective equipment used. Contact tracking time depends on whether you have COVID-19 symptoms or not. If you have symptoms, then list contacts from 2 days before your symptoms. If you do not have symptoms, list the contacts from 5 days before the test.

From the moment you receive a positive test result, stay in home isolation.

Inform your GP about the test result. He can also, if necessary, issue you with an e-Incapacity (e-Neschopenka) for your employer and discuss your treatment according to your current state of health. Inform your employer by phone about your situation and also inform all your high-risk contacts.

If you use eRouška, anonymously notify other users who have been in risky contact with you.

Treatment of a mild course corresponds to the treatment of influenza. If your health deteriorates, contact your GP immediately. In case of serious health complications, call 155 or 112.

Stay in isolation for at least 14 days. Isolation is ended by a general practitioner based on your medical condition.

If the tracing system is overloaded, the tracing center may not be able to contact you by phone. In this case, you will receive a text message with the following wording (or similar):

For X.Y. (year of birth XXXX): you have been reported by KHS as positive for COVID-19. Inform your GP as soon as possible and the persons you have been in close contact with 5 days before testing until today. These persons must go into quarantine and inform their general practitioner. Follow the rules of ISOLATION for at least 14 days from testing positive. More info at

Even in this case, the rules remain the same as if the tracing center had contacted you.