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I was identified as a risky contact


Risky contact is a contact of a healthy person with an ill person when a transmission of the COVID-19 disease from the ill person to the healthy one can happen.


Watch your health condition. If any symptoms similar to those of a cold, flu, or virosis occur, contact your GP who examines you and if needed, issues you a request for the RT-PCR test.

Follow the basic anti-pandemic measure 3R ("masks-hands-distancing"). Wear a respirator with protection class at least FFP2 any time you are not alone. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water and disinfect them. Ventilate the rooms as much as possible. Try to keep your distance.

Limit visits, and especially contact with people from risky groups (elderly people, chronic patients). Avoid mass events. Always wear a respirator.

If someone with whom you share the same household is positively tested, do maximum for not getting infected. It is common that the infected person infects other members of the household even though they are vaccinated. In the household, there is a very intensive contact between the infected and healthy people, and the amount of the secreted virus is so big that it overcomes even immunity gained by having suffered from the disease or by vaccination.