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I was identified as a risky contact

There are several ways to learn about risky contact with an infected person:


  • A phone call from the tracing centre
  • A text message from the tracing centre
  • The information from a positively tested person

If you learned about the risky contact by a phone call from the trace center, follow their instructions and quarantine yourself at home. The tracing center will issue you an e-request for PCR test or instruct you to contact a GP. The general practitioner will issue you with an e-sick leave for the employer, or an e-application.

If you learned about the risky contact via a text message from the tracing center or a positively tested person, quarantine yourself at home and wait for the phone call from the tracing centre. If the tracing center does not call you within 48 hours, inform your GP and ask for an e-sick leave and an e-request for a PCR test.


The text message from the tracing center is as follows:

For X.Y.: On XX.XX. you have been in epidemiologically significant contact with a COVID-19 positive person from whom you may have become infected. Follow the QUARANTINE rules to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. Contact your GP for further instructions. More info


If you have not downloaded it yet, install the eRouška. If necessary, it will be easier to let your contacts know the information.

For transport to the test, try to use the drive-in sampling points. If you do not have a car, let someone from your family take you for the test. During transport (keep the respirator on and keep the maximum distance from others as possible).

The result of the test will be communicated to you by a text message within 48 hours. Stay in home quarantine during this time.

If the result is negative, follow the prescribed quarantine period, it is still possible that you will develop the disease. With covid-19 disease, you may not have symptoms of the disease for the first days after contact with the infected person, and even a test will not yet reveal the disease. Therefore, remain in quarantine. Inform your GP about the test result. The GP will discuss the end of the quarantine date with you and may also issue you with an e-sick leave. Inform also your employer about your situation by phone. If you develop symptoms of the disease during quarantine, tell your GP, they will probably send you back for a PCR test. If it is negative again, you are probably suffering from another disease, consult a general practitioner.

If the result is positive, stay in isolation (it is no longer an at-home-quarantine) and read what it means for you.