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Infected colleague

This Life Situation is archived. The text below may not be up to date.

Rules and recommendations

If you have been infected with COVID-19, tell your employer immediately so they can take the necessary steps. e.g. disinfect work surfaces, inform other employees in case you had a risky encounter with them or other preventive measures.

If you find out that your colleague is infected, evaluate whether you had a risky encounter with him. If so, you will be ordered a quarantine.

However, please do not wait for the notification from the Regional Hygiene Station (public health protection service) since, due to the current number of cases, it may take a while for you to get back to you, and do act according to the preventive measures, e.g. keep voluntary quarantine.

This will prevent further transmission of the disease in case you are infected.

Inform your GP about your risky encounter. He will issue you a request for a PCR test for COVID-19.