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State of Emergency

The state of emergency is one of the extraordinary measures of the Constitutional Act on the Security of the Czech Republic. It is announced by the government.

One of the cases in which the government can declare a state of emergency is in the situation when there is a dangerous or significant threat to our lives or health. And this is the current case.

The government can declare a state of emergency for a maximum of 30 days. However, this situation may be extended with the prior consent of the Chamber of Deputies.

The state of emergency ends with the expiration of the period for which it was declared or with a decision to cancel it. The Government or the Chamber of Deputies can cancel the state of emergency.

Crisis measures

These are measures intended to eliminate or ease the consequences of these difficult times.

The implementation of a crisis measure can restrict certain rights and freedoms and impose specific obligations. Crisis measures may be issued by the government in the event of a declared state of emergency based on the law on Crisis Management and on the Amendment of Certain laws (Crisis Act).

The effectiveness of crisis measures was prolonged for the duration of the state of emergency.

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