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Why to follow preventive measures against Covid-19?

Why are measures issued?

Due to the epidemic situation of covid-19 in the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic issues measures and regulations to prevent the spread of this disease and to minimize the socio-economic impact of the epidemic. Do not forget that by complying with the issued measures, we protect not only ourselves and our loved ones, but also vulnerable groups of the population. Behave responsibly and in accordance with issued measures and regulations, because:

You protect yourself

  • Failure to do so increases the likelihood that you will become infected yourself.
  • If you develop covid-19, you must go into isolation and avoid contact with other people for at least 14 days after taking the test.
  • Despite the fact that covid-19 disease very often occurs mildly or completely without symptoms, a serious course cannot be ruled out either. A serious course cannot be even ruled out in young and completely healthy people.
  • In the event of a severe course of the disease, you may be hospitalized and your treatment may be significantly prolonged.
  • In some people who have contracted covid-19, poor health persists for several weeks after the infection (eg. exertional dyspnea, neurological problems). This also applies to young people.
  • Persistent poor health can significantly disrupt your normal and work activities (eg sports activities, physical work).

You protect others

  • Since you can spread covid-19 even if you do not (yet) have symptoms of the disease, it can be you who unknowingly infects your loved ones.
  • Even though your illness is mild or completely asymptomatic, it may not be the case with your loved ones if you do not follow the prescribed precautions. Especially in the elderly if they have associated diseases (eg: diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, immune disorders) covid-19 infection in your loved ones can have a very serious course with the need for hospitalization.
  • If you do not follow the measures, you increase the likelihood that people around you will have to quarantine in the event of your infection, which can significantly disrupt their plans. 
  • If preventive measures are not followed, the infection spreads faster and the number of infected people increases, and with that also the number of people who require hospitalization. This can lead to congestion of the health care system, overcrowding of hospitals and lack medical staff capacity. If such a situation occurs, it will not be possible to provide health care to all those in need, including possibly you or your loved ones.
  • If it is not possible to provide health care to all those in need, the number of people with a serious course of covid-19 and the number of people who succumb to the disease will increase.