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maps_ugcInformation about vaccine

Is it possible that people die as a result of vaccination?

The topic describes possible complication after vacination against Covid-19 disease.

Adverse reactions guidelines

List of adverse reactions with instructions on how to handle them.

Can I be infertile after I receive the vaccination?

Téma se vypořádává s rozšířenou dezinformací ohledně neplodnosti po očkování.

Do we know what will happen with our body 10 years after the vaccination?

This topic describes an estimated health state of a human body 10 years after the vaccination.

How is it possible that the vaccine could be developed so fast?

A brief description of the COVID-19 vaccine development process.

How vaccination works? What will happen in my body?

Informative article describing how vaccines work and possible reactions of your body

Information about available vaccines

Informative list of existing vaccines

Specific situations during vaccination

What atypical situations may arise in the process?

What we know about the side effects of the vaccine

The topic describes the side effects of Covid-19 vaccination

Who should not get vaccinated?

The article defines the groups which are not recommended/allowed for a vaccination.

Will the vaccine be effective even after the virus mutation?

The topic describes effectivity of vaccine against mutated virus forms.

Will vaccine alter my DNA?

The topic describes the common concern of people about the alleged DNA change after vaccination.