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Leisure time

Castles and palaces

Visits and tours of castles and chateaux are limited.

Cottages and cabins

Trips to own cottages and cabins are currently not restricted by the ban on free movement of persons.

CURRENT: Slavic carnival, slaughter feast

At the moment, the organization of traditional events and festivities is limited.


Cycling is currently allowed.

Dance classes

Dance competitions and the teaching of dance (dance classes) is limited.


Currently, leisure time sports, including football, are limited.


Gardening is not subject to any prohibitions and is therefore permitted.

Gyms, outdoor gyms, sports centers, outdoor sports grounds

Outdoor gyms, sports centers, and sports grounds are open to amateur athletes and the public.

Maternity centres and school clubs

Maternity centres and school clubs can be open in compliance with the rules.

Meetings, parties, family celebrations

There are currently restrictions on mass events.

Musical instruments and singing

Singing in choirs is limited.

Other sports

At the moment it is possible to play sports in a restricted mode.

Pools, saunas

Pools, saunas and wellness centers are open on a limited basis.


Follow the hygienic rules related to shopping.

Sporting events

Rules for organizing sporting events during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trips, camping

Nature trips have an exception to the ban on free movement. Camping is not allowed, as the service of campsites is currently prohibited. Night camping is also not allowed due to the curfew.

Visiting Parks

Rules regarding visiting parks.

Winter sports

Rules for winter sports (skiing, cross-country skiing, skating) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Zoos and botanical gardens

A limited regime applies to zoos and botanical gardens.