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Rules and recommendations

In these challenging times, it is essential to maintain contact with your loved ones, especially with your family. Family visits have an exception to the ban on the free movement.

So nothing banns you from visits within your family circle. However, it is wise to keep in mind the risk of infection.

A typical risky situation is visiting your parents when you are a university student studying in another city. Of course, no one restricts you from returning to your family house for the weekend - but if you live in shared accommodation, there is a relatively high risk of infection. During the visit back home, you can unknowingly pass the infection on to your parents. Therefore, please consider whether it is worth taking this risk.

If you have older parents, grandparents or other relatives from the high-risk group (long-term sick, people with weakened immunity), think carefully about whether it is worth exposing them to a potential risk of infection. If you meet a relative from the high-risk group, always wear a face mask or respirator and keep a two-meters distance.

If possible, avoid travelling by public transport or buses and trains.

Make sure to call or write your relatives regularly. It is important to stay in touch, especially in these difficult times.

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