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Rules and recommendations

If you are the owner of a fitness center or a similar facility and your business has been affected by the pandemic, you are entitled to financial compensation from the state. Find out more in the Compensation section.

Amateur sport

Outdoor gyms, sports centers, and sports grounds are open to amateur athletes and the public. However, due to the ban on the free movement of people, amateurs can only do sport with a maximum of two people. In other words, team sports are not permitted. You can use an outdoor gym, and you do not need to wear a face mask during the workout. However, please stick to the hygienic rules, especially social distancing, and regular hand washing.

Professional sport

Professional athletes are allowed to have their training to prepare for future events at both indoor and outdoor sports grounds in unlimited numbers of people. However, they are also required to follow hygienic measures - keeping their distance and regularly washing their hands. They do not have to wear a face mask during the sport, but after the end of the training, it is necessary to put it on again under regulations. A professional athlete is a person who performs sport as his or her primary job or as a business and other similar activity.

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