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people_altMeetings, parties, family celebrations

Rules and recommendations

Currently, there are significant restrictions on the freedom of movement. For these reasons, you are not allowed to be in direct contact with people who are not members of your household or family. It is not allowed to organise or attend parties, larger meetings and celebrations. Any get-together of people from different households can spread the infection. If you want to see your friends, try having an online video party. You will not risk anyone's health and at the same time will not lose contact with your loved ones.

The contact with people living in the same household is still allowed - a party with your roommates or family is therefore okay. However, if you, despite following the rules, come in contact with an infected individual, you must inform your doctor (hospital, hygiene wtc.) immediately.

There is also an exception for families and people close to each other. In other words, you are allowed to organise a family celebration where you invite your girlfriend (as she is your close person). But still remember, you can risk unnecessary infection spread which can be a potential risk to you and your loved ones.

At the moment, we recommend postponing all celebrations, parties or family reunions. Carefully consider whether you want to risk the health of your loved ones only for a celebration sake. If you still want to invite your family members to your house, try to lower their number to a minimum. Carefully consider inviting people from high risk groups (elderly, people with health problems). Do you truly want to invite your grandma and thoughtlessly endanger her health?

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