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From midnight of November 25th to November 26th a state of emergency applies in the Czech Republic for a period of 30 days.

Other sports

Rules and recommendations

Amateur sports

At the moment amateur athletes in organized associations can play sports outdoors. If more than 20 people participate, participants over the age of 12 must demonstrate that one of the following conditions is met:

  • have laboratory confirmation of having recovered from covid-19 disease in the period not longer than 180 days before the day of the event,
  • have proof of covid-19 vaccination, with at least 14 days since the last vaccine dose (second for two-dose vaccines, first for single-dose vaccines).

Children under the age of 18, persons with a contraindication to vaccination and persons vaccinated with first dose can use an RT-PCR test up to 72 hours old to prove infectivity.

The conditions described above do not apply to persons in an unchanging collective.

The organizer of the amateur sports training must keep the contact details of the participant (ideally the telephone number) for 30 days (in the event of an infection when the participants would have to be traced).

Professional sports

Professional athletes are exempted from the ban. A professional athlete is a person who performs sport as his or her primary job or as a business and other similar activity. Professional athletes are allowed to have their training to prepare for future events at both indoor and outdoor sports grounds in unlimited numbers of people.

However, they are also required to follow hygienic measures - keeping their distance and regularly washing their hands. They do not have to wear a face mask or respirator during the sport, but after the end of the training, it is necessary to put it on again under regulations. Professional athletes must also be tested regularly according to prescribed rules.


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