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contact_pageBirthdays and anniversaries

Rules and recommendations

Celebrations of birthdays or anniversaries can only be carried out among your closest family and loved ones (in particular your partner). Please postpone celebrations with your friends or extended family (cousins, aunts, uncles etc.) until another time.

If you are already organizing a celebration with your close family, please take the presence of higher risk groups, especially grandparents into consideration. Follow all hygienic regulations e.g. regular ventilation of the room to ensure enough fresh air, don't shout or sing because both of these activities lead to higher transmission of respiratory droplets. If you want to take preventative measures you can wear a mask, disinfect your hands before congratulating someone and sit further apart. Wash your hands before you eat as well.

It isn't possible to hold celebrations in a bar, a restaurant, a club, a cafe or any similar establishments. They are currently closed to the public.

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