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Buying real estate and moving in or out

Rules and recommendations

Sale and purchase of a real estate

The sale and purchase of real estate are possible in times of emergency. Now, however, this should only happen in cases of absolute necessity (e.g. because inspections of flats are limited and there should be no contact with other people outside your residence). If it is not necessary, postpone the purchase or sale of real estate until a more favourable epidemiological situation.

Due to the restrictions on free movement, personal inspections of houses or flats can only take place in cases of absolute necessity (this is, for example, a situation where your rental agreement ends and you must secure new housing, housing is your basic need). Only one person or couple and the real estate agent may take part in such a tour. However, it is possible to tour the apartment online.


If you are not in quarantine or isolation, moving is possible. But limit it to the necessary cases. If you are not in a hurry, move them to a time when the risk of infection is lower.

When moving, it is necessary to follow increased hygienic measures, especially to have a face mask on during the entire period of contact with persons outside the family, to disinfect your hands and to social distance. Also, ventilate the area regularly for prevention.

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