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pregnant_womanPregnancy and childbirth

Rules and recommendations

If a pregnant woman has met with a COVID-19 positive person or she displays symptoms of the COVID-19, the general rules apply to her (Illness and regulations). Inform your doctor, who will best advise you on the next steps to take. Do not visit your general practitioner or gynaecologist without prior telephone consultation.

For pregnant women who haven't been in contact with anyone positive and don't display any symptoms, nothing changes. Despite this, follow all hygienic regulations.

Pregnant women who have tested positive for the COVID-19 can give birth in a maternal hospital. It is necessary to inform the doctors and follow all hygienic measures. It is also important to pay extra attention to the hygienic rules to prevent the infection of hospital staff.

If a pregnant woman is in quarantine or isolation and she needs to visit the maternity hospital (to give birth or for a necessary check-up) she should arrive in her own vehicle. You can also call 112 (emergency services) and have an ambulance take her to the hospital if no one else is available. Inform the medics about quarantine or isolation in advance and upon arrival. Please also wear a face mask or a respirator.

In general, hospital visits are not allowed.

The exception to this rule is presence during childbirth if the following conditions are met. The person visiting is the father of the child (usually the husband or partner) or a person living in the same household as the mother. Other people can't be present during the birth. Before entering the maternity hospital, the visitor's temperature will be measured (has to be lower than 37,5°C) and they can't show any symptoms of the coronavirus (Illness and regulations > Symptoms) they have to wear at least a surgical face mask the whole time (not a fabric one). The birth must take place in an individual room or birthing area and visitors can't come into contact with any of the other future mothers.

Care for the mother and the baby during and after birth will not go through any significant changes. It is necessary to follow all hygienic measures. Medical facilities are facing a challenging time, but maternity care and care for newborns is secured. There is nothing to be afraid of. Please inform your doctors about anything related to the coronavirus spread so they can take preventative measures and ensure the safety of the medical workers, pregnant women, their visitors and other patients in the hospital. The birth of your baby will be a joyful occasion and a safe one as well.