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account_circleRegistered partnership

Rules and recommendations

Declarations on entering into a registered partnership are allowed to happen. There can be a maximum of 20 people present, including the couple and the registrar.

The reception cannot be held in a restaurant or other catering facilities. The general ban on the presence of the public in restaurants applies. You can meet with your loved ones for example at home. Follow the general rules related to free movement and hygienic regulations, even during the consuming of food and the toast.

When making the declaration, there is an exception from the obligation to wear a face mask. You have to put your mask back on once the ceremony is over. You can only take it off for the necessary amount of time when taking a photo.

Entering into a registered partnership is allowed to happen but there is a limited amount of guests and it is necessary to follow all hygienic regulations. It is up to you whether you want to enter into registered partnership now or wait until a better epidemiological situation. Once the risk of infection is lower, these rules will be less strict and you will be able to invite more guests or hold a reception at a restaurant.

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