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New Year's Eve celebrations

This article has been archived, the information contained in it may not be up to date.

Rules and recommendations

New Year's Eve parties are limited to 50 participants.

If more than 20 people are present at the party, all those present, (over the age of 12) must prove that one of the following conditions, is met upon arrival:

  • have laboratory confirmation of having recovered from covid-19 disease in the period not longer than 180 days before the day of the event,
  • have proof of covid-19 vaccination, with at least 14 days since the last vaccine dose (second for two-dose vaccines, first for single-dose vaccines).

A maximum of 20 people can meet without complying with the above conditions.

Everyone present must have a respirator on, you can only take it off if you are eating or drinking.

Restaurants, bars or clubs don`t have limited opening hours. One table can accommodate a maximum of 4 customers, excluding household members.

The sale of fireworks is not limited in any way.