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Opening hours

Opening hours are limited for establishments with the area above 200 square meters in the following ways:

January 1 - closed

Petrol stations, pharmacies, and shops at the airports, railway stations, etc. shall remain open.

Hygiene rules

The maximum number of customers in an establishment is limited. Please be patient, especially before Christmas when the stores are very busy, and in case of full capacity, wait outside the store.

Throughout your whole purchase, it is necessary to wear a face mask and to keep a distance from other customers (especially in the queue at the cash desk). Before entering the shop, disinfect your hands, and repeat after returning home. It is also recommended to choose to pay with your card instead of paying with cash.

By following the rules you protect both yourself and others, and will be able to enjoy the holidays in good health.

Rules concernign shopping in more detail can be found in the topic Retail.

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