The translations of changes on PES 5 are in progress.


Rules and Recommendations

The courts continue functioning even in times of emergency, but it's necessary to follow the general rules, especially to observe hygienic measures (especially to adhere to the "3Z rule", i.e. to wear a face mask, keep social distance, and disinfect your hands), give priority to written communication, and follow the rules of conduct in the courthouse.

The Ministry of Justice has, however, due to the current epidemic situation, issued a recommendation regarding the operation of courts. According to this recommendation, only court proceedings may take place

  • which cannot be postponed, especially because of deadlines regarding statutes of repose/limitations or which for other reasons request a quick decision
  • which can be carried out without violating general measures to protect health of the judges, lay judges, and other court employees, while taking into account material, organisational and personal conditions of the respective court.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Justice also recommends

  • to the largest possible extent, to allow court employees to work from another place (their personal presence at their workplaces in the courthouse should not be requested), in appropriate cases where this is not possible, to ensure a group-based alternation of the court employees.
  • not to let court employees' business trips take place
  • the same also applies to meetings with personal presence of judges or other employees of other courts than the own one
  • to restrict those with personal presence of judges or other employees of the own court to the narrowest possible extent
  • to carry out job interviews with personal presence of the applicant(s) in justified cases only.

The decision as to take any appropriate preventional measures exceeding the scope of the crisis measures issued by the Government of the Czech Republic and the extraordinary measures issued by the Ministry of Health, shall be left to the chairperson of the respective court.

When visiting a courthouse, it is necessary to follow the elevated hygienic measures - entering is allowed only after you have sanitized your hands. Upon entering a courthouse, you may be prompted to present a declaration proving that you do not suffer from an infectious disease, your body temperature is not increased, and you are not showing any symptoms of a respiratory disease (especially coughing, sneezing, breathing problems).

During your entire visit, it is necessary to let your face mask put on. Exempted from this obligation are, during a court proceeding, judges, lay judges, attorneys, the charged/accused, his/her defendant, non-litigation participants and their representatives, witnesses, court experts, interpreters. The court may as well exempt additional persons from this obligation.

Please prefer the written or electronic way to communicate with courts. You may as well use your electronic data box.

Courts may adopt their own measures, please see the list of courts in the Czech Republic (in Czech only).

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