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Execution of the sentence of imprisonment

Rules and recommendations

Starting from the 12th of April 2021, visiting prisoners is possible. The visit is limited to 2 individuals with proper nose and mouth covering specified below. Children not older than 2 years are excluded from the obligation to have nose and mouth covering. Children under 15 are obliged to wear a face mask, a respirator is not necessary.

During a state of emergency, all visits to prisons and detention facilities are prohibited. To compensate for the ban on visits, the length of the phone and video calls has been extended to 30 minutes per day

Attorneys are allowed to visit their clients in prison. However, a face mask is a must during the whole visit.

Please be aware that since the 25th of February 2021, there is new regulation to wear at least an FPP2/KN95 respirator without exhalation vent or other face and mouth covering with at least 94% filtering ability. Other variants (scarfs, cloth face masks, etc.) will not be considered as sufficient protection starting from the 1st of March. 

As an attorney, you can also communicate with your clients via the so-called "Skype defense".