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From September 1, tests will not be reimbursed anymore (except for semi-vaccinated persons, children and some other groups).

ID exchange

Rules and recommendations

Any expiration of a driving licence or driver certificate of professional competence during the state of emergency does not indicate a need for an exchange - the documents are still considered to be valid. You are recommended to renew the licence/certificate once the state of emergency is over.  

However, the rules for the exchange of IDs or passports are different. You are obliged to apply for an exchange of those documents. The relevant public office will allow you the exchange of the document, physical presence is allowed. Please contact the office by phone/mail during office hours, eventually, you can use an online reservation system.  

It is allowed to leave the district in case of an essential visit to the public office, you can be accompanied by a close person or your relative. However, you must be able to prove the purpose of your travel across the district borders. To do so, we recommend to fulfil the appropriate form (word version/pdf version) or affidavit (word version /pdf version) defining the date, time, and purpose of your travel. You can print out the affidavit template or write it in hand. We also recommend taking the prove confirming the necessity of your travel (appointment invitation, etc.).

Essential travel within the district is allowed, no certificate of your travel is needed in such a situation.

Please be aware that since the 25th of February 2021, there is new regulation to wear at least an FPP2/KN95 respirator without exhalation vent or other face and mouth covering with at least 94% filtering ability. Other variants (scarfs, cloth face masks, etc.) will not be considered as sufficient protection starting from the 1st of March. 

FAQ can be found in the following section.

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