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Operation of Public offices

Rules and recommendations

Office hours are no more limited since the 15th of February 2021. Yet, written and/or phone contact is preferable over a personal visit to the office. This will help reduce the risk of infection to you and those around you.

You can also set up a data-box free of charge for online communication with the authorities. The data-box can be set up at any CzechPoint branch. If you have an e-ID (eObčanka), you can set up a data box online

Only necessary matters should be handled in person. If you go to the office in person, it is necessary to have a facemask at all times, disinfect your hands and keep your distance. Keep a distance not only when in the queue but also when communicating with the officials.

Please be aware that since the 25th of February 2021, there is new regulation to wear at least an FPP2/KN95 respirator without exhalation vent or other face and mouth covering with at least 94% filtering ability. Other variants (scarfs, cloth face masks, etc.) will not be considered as sufficient protection starting from the 1st of March. 

It is good to first call the office before the visit to find out if it is necessary for you to go to the office physically, and possibly arrange a specific date of the visit. This will avoid risky waiting in a queue.

Send all documents by mail beforehand.

It is allowed to leave the district in case of an essential visit to the public office, you can be accompanied by a close person or your relative. However, you must be able to prove the purpose of your travel across the district borders. To do so, we recommend to fulfil the appropriate form (word version/pdf version) or affidavit (word version /pdf version) defining the date, time, and purpose of your travel. You can print out the affidavit template or write it in hand. We also recommend taking the prove confirming the necessity of your travel (appointment invitation, etc.).

Increased hygienic measures must be observed by the employees of the office among themselves. More information can be found on this website. 

On a behalf of the Czech Government, we would like to ask you to use home office working as much as possible. For example, administrative positions and non-essential workers for the operation of the workplace are asked to use the possibility of remote working in the following three weeks. Home office working is one of the most effective ways how to decrease mobility and consequently stop the virus spreading.


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