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family_restroomChild birth

Rules and recommendations

The birth of a child is always a joyful occasion. However, it is important to follow strict hygiene rules. This way you will prevent the infection from spreading to the hospital environment. It is crucial to protect not just patients, but also the medical staff.

The participation of a third party in childbirth is permitted if the conditions are met:

  • The third party is the child's second parent or a person living with the mother in the same household.
  • The birth will take place in a separate delivery room or delivery area with its own bathroom.
  • Contact of the third party with other mothers will be prevented.
  • The third person undergoes temperature measurement before entering the delivery room or delivery area.
  • The third person has a body temperature of less than 37.0 ° C and at the same time has no COVID-19 symptoms.
  • The third party uses a surgical face mask as minimum respiratory protection (Non-surgical and fabric drapes or scarves are not enough !!)

We understand that for mothers, childbirth is very stressful and the presence of a close person can be helpful. However, this is possible under strict restrictions only. If you still suffer from stress, anxiety, or any psychological problems, you can read the Stress and handling impacts of the pandemic section.

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