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Compensation bonus and the Self-Employees' Carer Allowance Program

The compensation bonuses had already been terminated.

Compensation bonus 

  • the sole condition to be eligible to claim the compensation bonus is predominant activity in a business branch shut down directly due to government restrictions.

  • Details regarding the compensation bonus

The Self-Employees' Carer Allowance Program

  • self-employees claiming disability pension or caring for a dependent child up to 26 years of age (please note: the child has to be physically dependent from another person's assistance in at least grade I pursuant to the Social Services Act No. 108/2006 Coll.) can decide themselves whether their self-employment will constitute their primary or secondary occupation.  If the applicant's self-employment constituted his/her primary occupation at the day he/she has filed his/her application, he/she is - pursuant to Article 3 of the Support Guidelines for Small Enterprises Affected by the Worldwide COVID-19 Spread, Caused by the SARS-CoV-2 Virus (The Self-Employees' Carer Allowance Program) -  eligible for this program, provided his/her self-employment will continue constituting his/her primary occupation the entire claim period long. The applicant's primary occupation has to be proven either applicant-sided by a document issued by the applicant's local social security office, or the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade can obtain such a proof on its own.

Self-employees claiming disability pension are as well eligible for other support programs, COVID Nájemné ("COVID Rent") and COVID Kultura ("COVID Culture").